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Heart had to say NO!


Nearly went astray
as I let my mind dismayed,
But His love said no

Love which can’t wither Read more…


POEM: If Your Love Eludes Me


Samantha your heart is calling mine
Even though you never give any sign;
So even though your love eludes me
Me in your heart is where i’l forever long to be

When my eyelids Read more…

Poem: Dear “Just” Friend


My first time with this
hoping it turns out lovely
for that special miss

loving in friendship
ever there to keep me plumped
even in hardship

Cheering and pleasant
Beauty never lets you Read more…

POEM: Should I tell… ?

It is one of my heart desires;
burns and flares like water on fire;
to let you know without denial;
to fight my fears and make a trial;
hoping you would give me a fairer sentence;
Its not a Read more…

Nobody Understands ????

Nobody understands my stance;
she complains;
I should be right not him;
She emphasizes;
Still stuck on the Read more…

ARTICLE/STORY: The CARE still exists (Sarah’s Story)

Sarah Once thought that she was alone in the world left with whatever she thought were her problems, she often would say, “nobody cares!”, “everyone is against me” she Had these sayings running through her mind day after day, throughout the period when she was having whatever she thought were her problems.

She would Read more…

POEM: Question: Am I In Love ?

I let you stroll in my mind;
Every night, starting from the hour of nine;
looking up and wishing you are mine;
i’m not crazy, I know i’m fine;
but there is this question that comes in line;
Am I… ??

Forgeting the distance I came for you;
Pretending not to see the Read more…

POEM: I Crave For Peace

I so much Crave for it;
When Birds fly by and make their lovely chants;
When the flowers open up and shed their beautiful colours;
When nature lives calmly for us all;
When White and black live without bad reservations;
When Nobody seems to be blamed;
And there is no cause to be blamed;

It would seem like Read more…

POEM: Absently Present Love.(Give Me A Sign)

Where will you be from?
From whose womb were you nutured?
where in the world are you featured?
Far or near;
just give me sign;
so i wont fear;
that You won’t be mine;

Love of my life,where at thou?;
with whom I would make the endless vow;
you whom my heart yearns for by the second;
Far or near;
just give me a sign;
so i wont fear;
that You won’t be mine;

Might have not met you;
But your overflowing kindness and care;
Are what i feel inside which is quite rare;
so Far or near;
just give me a sign;
so I wont fear;
that you won’t be mine;

Like Isaac to Rebecca;
Like Abraham to sarah;
the connection will remain there forever;
Far or near;
just give me a sign;
so i wont fear;
that you won’t be mine;

My search for you knows no bounds;
until you move from Searched to found;
but until then, I say;
Far or near;
Just give me a sign;
So I wont fear;
that you won’t be mine; 🙂

by @sirrvictor

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