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POEM: On The Road To Somewhere… #1

Started the road to somewhere
To see the world and meet adventure
Rocky grounds started it off
And for the terrain my legs knew not
So it struggled along to keep me walking
Good thing it wasn’t in vain despite Read more…


POEM: Beautiful


You are so beautiful
Beauty calls you its hero;

You are so beautiful
Your face hurts the mirror;

You are so beautiful
The sun gets jealous at your Read more…

POEM: Rivalry Of The Onset And The Content

Instincts whether wrong or right:
I just followed caring less of the bite;
it was going to be a bad day, so it said;
Judging from the proceedings that were laid;
So I fell for its Read more…

6 Lessons I Got From 2013


You started like every other year
But your contents sure made it look in a unique way
Here some things you taught for free
I just hope you find a good student in me

First Lesson: You taught me that Read more…

STORY: It Wasn’t My Fault… Episode – 4


Episode – 3 —– >

Sorry I kept you waiting quite long for this, it was for some certain reasons beyond my power. 🙂

I left for the professor’s office rather hastily which made it so unfortunate for me not to hear the lecturer’s call back some few seconds after I had left.

Now Professor Oliver’s office was a bit far from the lecturer’s but as the fast guy type there was this short cut that I would normally take so as to get there in good time and eventually inhibit prolonging the time I had already spent doing what I never intended to do.

While I was feeling Read more…

POEM: Should I tell… ?

It is one of my heart desires;
burns and flares like water on fire;
to let you know without denial;
to fight my fears and make a trial;
hoping you would give me a fairer sentence;
Its not a Read more…

POEM: The Girl In Vogue

The toast of all the guys;
The jealous one won’t win,a pity she tries;
beauty with no disguise;
Smile that hypnotizes all eyes;

With Eyes Sparkling Read more…



The stars come out;
The moon stands out;
the room gets dark;
her skin seems black;
its time the flower closes;
Preventing the Read more…

Bed in the Morning

bed in the morning

That’s the fifth Yawn;
My mind like a new born;
I still continue my rolling and turning;
Call it Laziness;
thats your own business;
I’m in my own little world;

I think of getting up;
But the spirit is giving up;
I think its a bed-magnetism;
Creating this unforseen attraction;
To my body reaction;

Mum finally calls;
The disruption in mind relaxation;
I wish it was just a dream;
But its as real as the Blue stream;

I Sigh at my thoughts;
Coz its all a strong fantasy;
Covering up my strong addiction;
to the Diziness;
Caused by the laziness;
Of the Morning Bed;
My bed in the morning;

by @sirrvictor

POEM: About My Father

Like a Shepherd to its
Like a Bee-hive to its bee;
Your arms protects me;
From Dangers I don’t even see;
And I Ponder;
How nice to have my father;

Your Words of wisdom;
like swords of a Kingdom;
Pierce through my heart;
And kills my state of
Still, I Ponder;
How good to have my

When my Stubborn me;
Engulfs my Normal me;
You Prune down my wings;
And put me in place;
Yet I Ponder;
How nice to have my Father;

And I will try and try and try;
To make you Smile and smile and smile;
And would say it louder;
How nice to have my

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