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Christmas Day


The day of the very first appearance of his face
bore laughter into the world
he was to bring us close to that holy place
so joy everlasting was all I hurled

One this day blessing was poured unto every single man
Free gifts unto every Read more…


My Mother, My Idol


mymThe greatest sacrifice the world will ever know is that of a mother. It is one that is accompanied with a lot of pain for gain, tears for laughter, frown for smile, struggle for success, and hurt for relief. You are asking, for whom? Who else? You and I – the children. I’m guessing you already know about the pains during child birth, and I am pretty sure you are aware of that heavy nine month journey. Who says a mother shouldn’t be worshipped? A machine the creator used to fashion out you and I, or what do you think the womb stands for? “Orisha bi iya osi – there is no idol like a mother.” Even fathers dare not to argue that fact. I understand the fact that some people have issues with theirs. Perhaps she bailed on you when you needed her most, or she just doesn’t seem to be as supportive as you wish, but always remember you could have Read more…

POEM: A Life To Remember, Mandela Madiba


1918 you gave your first cry;
And sprung into life’s ups and downs;
And turns and rounds;

Many years into it;
Your mind Read more…

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