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Heart had to say NO!


Nearly went astray
as I let my mind dismayed,
But His love said no

Love which can’t wither Read more…


Ponder on this… #8 – This is the end (Would My Actions Be Enough?)


This is the end
I just had my last vision
It was a face of the unknown
With its weary panicking expression
While I vaulted with pain and confusion

I could feel something strange
My wholeness transcending to
Read more…

POEM: If YOU Use Me.

I can fully fulfill if you use me;
I sure will succeed if you use me;
I sure would get true happiness if you use me;
Your gifts awaits Read more…

POEM: Denounce the unpleasant

This is a short Piece I wrote some time ago, and just I thought I should share.

Its something You Read more…

It could all come BACK….

Ok, I was wondering how I was going to put this into writing and convey it in a rather peculiar and interesting way, then I guess the spirit mind came up with this.


So he was warned!
Not once, not twice but Read more…

Out Of Your Captivity (Better Future awaits)

I Left you for a better tomorrow;
your death gave birth to a gift i wont for go;
As the wind erodes the grounds;
And as the water displaces the vacuum;
My sought for good will;
Chased away your power dwelling against my personal will;

I saw the possibility Read more…

Ponder on this… #3 – LET HIS WILL BE

The maize seed just wanted a regrowth;
life chose it for a maize flour;

The Leopard just wanted a small kill;
Then the Deer came pronking by;

The sky wanted to cry much longer;
But the Brightest star came out much sooner;

He wanted a wrist watch for his birthday;
Instead a pair of shoes was on the way;

She wanted a james bond role;
instead she got a Mr Ibu Read more…

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