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Acte Resilience -1


We found ourselves where I thought we have built ourselves for, the lights shined way too brighter than we thought so we could barely notice that we were naked. We were lost in the glitz and glamour of the crowd cheering and hailing at us. I guess we got too excited and our decisions reflected that fit, it was only in a matter of time before our nakedness was revealed to the whole world seated tight on their seats expecting a great show. When I said the whole world I truly meant the whole world.

We started out with the act we knew better, or so I thought. Still lost in careless excitement and sentiments,
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STORY: It Wasn’t My Fault… Episode – 5 (FINALE)


Episode – 4 —–>

The finale Episode guys, I hope I get lots of feedback from you all.

***sips drink***

I stood up straight trembling after I had fully realized what was going to happen.

My heart beat faster when Mr. Bode Exclaimed further,

“Am I not talking to you?!”

Shivering, I felt like a criminal awaiting to be executed, I had never seen any face as furious as Mr. Bode’s at least not when I was the victim.

“I I I I d-d didn’t hear you c-call Sir” I Politely tried to defend myself with Read more…

STORY: It Wasn’t My Fault… Episode – 4


Episode – 3 —– >

Sorry I kept you waiting quite long for this, it was for some certain reasons beyond my power. 🙂

I left for the professor’s office rather hastily which made it so unfortunate for me not to hear the lecturer’s call back some few seconds after I had left.

Now Professor Oliver’s office was a bit far from the lecturer’s but as the fast guy type there was this short cut that I would normally take so as to get there in good time and eventually inhibit prolonging the time I had already spent doing what I never intended to do.

While I was feeling Read more…

STORY: It Wasn’t My Fault…. Episode – 3


Episode – 2 —>

I could probably sub-title this “The Call” or there about :).
I had guessed the phone call was from one of his colleagues , his fellow Lecturer to be precise considering the manner with which the call fell through, I stood there helplessly wandering how I would eventually waste the extra 30 minutes I had tried to make sure never got wasted. And Whether as a good student or not(I was a good student by the way), at that particular scenario you just have to wait on irrespective of the duration of the call.

Now Let’s say I was a bit fortunate the call lasted for just Read more…

STORY: It Wasn’t My Fault….. Episode – 2


Episode – 1 —->

Yea it was somewhat close to the greatest mistake of my life, don’t think I am exagerrating I’m just trying to be a little bit realistic here.

As Usual.

Relax and take something chilled.

Leaving the Lecture venue, I had just walked close to one of the lecturer’s office. Now this was not just any other Lecturer. With his deep bass voice he would normally emphasize on his Read more…

STORY: It Wasn’t My Fault…. Episode -1


*SOBS* “I still think it wasn’t my fault”

That’s the fifth time of the day I was seated on that red couch trying to justify my ordeal with those words, still I say it wasn’t my fault, I know right, you can call that the sixth time and i’m guessing you want to know the reason for my sole contemplation or rather the story behind my ordeal, the typical Nigerian Young girl would tell her peers “it’s a Long Story” and that in a way draws the attention of the listeners as they go to the extent of drawing their faces closer to the story source. Apparently, I’m the source this time and I want to Read more…

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