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No much stress was needed…


Let the rain fall heavily
If it’s going to wash away the stains
Let the thunder strike awfully
If it’s going to take away the pains
I just want to be happy.

And then it hit me
Raining cats and dogs wasn’t needed Read more…


Whatchu Looking At? – Art Speaks Series


So whatchu looking at?
Haven’t you seen a being like me?
Do I seem different all of a sudden
Coz of the style of my hair
the earings holding tight to my ear
or the way I choose to act

I am only human
I still breath like you do
I still communicate Read more…

Fresh start


Lets say this is a fresh start,
A beginning of new things
Beginning of different and more passion filled pieces;
Lets call it a fresh start
The start of a different story
Start of you and Read more…

A New Thing


I dreamed a dream
Where I could act beyond all bounds.
In it,
Limits were mere shadows
And failures were shallows

Toughened by ruffles
These dreams bore no executions.
In reality,
Read more…

In Progress


It took four years,
four years to blend
four years of struggle
four years, just four years gone by.

its a new dawn after those years,
though my feelings don’t seem Read more…

Our Deserted Tree


The tree once hard its green lit up

Defined by natures course of proceedings

Rays from the supernova

Carefully caressing its Read more…

The Mrs Bearing My Name


Feeling my adrenaline rush
Again and again
Fueling my desire for the one
The supposed Mrs bearing my name

In frequencies beyond understanding
Again and Read more…

POEM: How I Truly Feel


This is how I truly feel
I want it out clean and clear
Coz Pictures may seem all grin and fair
Truth is, it’s all fronts with blare

This is how I truly feel
I’m letting it outta Read more…

Cold Dust ( Haiku )


My lips in red tears
dark hands whitened with cold dust
times I so detest


POEM: Alone Again



It’s Me Again, These Are My Words,
Another attempt to reach out to someone far gone

There is power outage and Nobody Home, I’m here alone again.
With nobody to comfort Read more…

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