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Our Deserted Tree


The tree once hard its green lit up

Defined by natures course of proceedings

Rays from the supernova

Carefully caressing its Read more…


My Words – Our Land


All I see are big fat lies,
Seems like not even one is ready
to see me through
these thick dark trials;

All out in white sheep clothings
Again, they stand before me
Professing undying
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POEM: I Have Lost Her


I have lost her
My special daughter;
Her hands were like mine
even when she was only nine;
Her heart was peaceful;
Her actions were
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POEM: No Safe Place For Us Here


There is No safe place here for us
Blasts remain the re-occuring chorus
somedays we seem not to wish for the rising sun

Its been a hundred days without her
And it appears that we are distanced even
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POEM: Obi, Be A Man


Obi is a boy
Ada is a girl
The sun still sets in the west
Morning still comes out first
The Agama still nods its head
A hippo still looks like its well fed

Obi is still a boy
Ada is still a girl
Talk about the evergreen rain forest
And the consistent football Read more…

POEM: Lost Leaders

Fidgeting at this state of turmoil
Like molecules in an excited gas
In no direction per say, they seem
And yet a tranquil change, they dream-
Dream about clearly,
But then I wonder, does a cloudberry yield a crowberry

The loathsome loud sound
Emanating from the Read more…

POEM: Enough is Enough (ASUU STRIKE)

Tired! Thats an understatement;
Frustrated! Close enough;
its high time this madness ends;
its time we kick start a different trend;

over 90days i sit back;
craving for an academic call back;
then yet it seems like asking for Read more…

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