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An Interview With estreetTV #SirVictorsBlog

eStreet is a social Business-Creation & Career Development network.

eStreet is increasingly becoming a business-creation engine, bringing together Founders, Business Angels, Venture Capitalists, High-Networth CEOs, Mentors & Advisors to help young & trendy African startups rock the world and in view of that here is an interview with one of estreet’s media platform, estreerTV.

Full name: Chineke Onyedika Victor

What’s your Blog’s name and URL?
My blog’s name is Sir Victor’s Blog with URL

What’s your Blog about? What do you do? Who are your readers?
My blog is about write-ups mainly poems, short stories and articles which I most times use to pass necessary and important messages for self improvement and the country at large. I am currently a chemical engineering student at the University of Lagos, 300level. My readers are of various ages and background, lovers of artistic writes; people with great minds in pursuit for a better them and a better tomorrow.

What’s the greatest thing about your Blog? Why is it better than other blogs? The greatest thing about my blog is its originality and uniqueness. Originality in the sense that the contents are originally written by me or any other features writer, this I believe makes Sir Victor’s Blog much better than many other blogs, the desire to inspire also makes it a great one.
How’d you come up with the name for your Blog? Well the name of my blog was coined from my middle name Victor, and then the Sir preceding it I always say is a form of self respect.

What was your first Blogging experience? How did you first get into the world of blogging? My first blogging experience was when I first bumped into one of the well known blogs in Nigeria, Linda Ikeji’s Blog to be precise, in as much as how I found it interesting, I only decided to create my own blog last year being 2013 after I realized that I could have my own blog where I could showcase my poetic pieces to the world. So apparently, the blogging idea was on a poetry exhibition bases.

What time do you usually start blogging each day? How many hours a day do you usually blog? I don’t really have a specific time for blogging, but I would say I Read more…


Nigerian Blog Awards: Nomination counts.

Well its here again, the 2013 Nigerian blog awards (NBA). David did not have to wait to be a giant before he won the battle against Goliath, therefore, quite New as it may seem , getting this blog awards is definately not a wild goose chase.

To kick start that, Your nominations matters a lot.

Kindly visit the site
And get me nominated.

Here are a some categories i feel are worth being nominated for.

1) Best New Blog.

2) Best Personal Blog.

3) Best book, poetry or writing blog.

4) Best student blog.

5) Best faith-based blog.

Thanks for your views, rates and comments so far. God bless. 🙂

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