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Change, Inevitable but…


I lay here praying for that big change
But my ways still on the same page;
I’m struggling to lift the filled kegs
With my hands tied to my legs

I long for a different outcome of events
Yet it’s the Read more…


Strength that lies within


Did you know, the strength that lies within ?
Did you notice, the stillness in-between the mayhem?
Did you see, the depths of your words ?
Did you feel, the true Read more…

Orientation, Thoughts and Actions.


Our orientation, our thoughts, our actions… These three bear in them powers or abilities to affect everything we have ever lived for, everything we have ever worked for and everything we have ever achieved. They bear the capabilities of determining the eventual outcome of our efforts made in specific aspects of our lives. Funny enough, these three are inter-twined or rather, they have a sequential connection.
Our orientation entail what we let our lives get involved with, the
Read more…

POEM: Woman’s Pride


Are you angry at the way She walks?
are you envious of the way she talks?
is it her fault that she is who she is
unique in her own way
she is a beautiful woman, flawless!

She is young and already gifted all round
Her curves and all keeps Read more…

Rebuild The Broken Pieces

Seven pebbles pyramid in staggered rows, over white

Kemi’s prior preparation never bargained for such repercussions,
She is in shock of the consequent proceedings
wondering if she had any misgivings,
and taking a look back in time at any shortcomings
but her flashback brought her more bemusement

David is lost in the cloud of disappointment and self pity
After much work on the crucial project
The product was an utter reject
And in his defense he lost more respect
He turns back and is lost in self pity, dejection.

The story is the same for a close friend,
An erudite in her field of study
A little hit on her academic body
Consequentially, left her staying moody
Luckily she is different, she is still strong

The results to all we put into a particular project may turn out not as we had planned, could be business loss, unexpected negative examination results, unprecedented chemical products in the laboratory, inefficiency from the well voted and well acclaimed candidate for a political post, the unfortunate broken relationship and so on.


In all of this, it shouldn’t leave us in complete self dejection and depression, we only need to relax, look at the situation with a calm mind, see areas were we probably have gone wrong, see what we can do at that point that could help lessen the gravity of the situation and if none is found, we could just trace our steps back, pick up the pieces of the broken glass and build them up again into a more beautiful ornament. “The past mishaps are not a yardstick for continuous mishaps”

By Chineke V. Onyedika


POEM: Still, She Is Strong


Still she is strong
Pained from her ordeals and distress
Weakened by the trust broken
But yet strengthened by the word spoken

Still she is strong
Her swindler would be astonished
Wishing he had done more harm
But she turns out Read more…

My Mother, My Idol


mymThe greatest sacrifice the world will ever know is that of a mother. It is one that is accompanied with a lot of pain for gain, tears for laughter, frown for smile, struggle for success, and hurt for relief. You are asking, for whom? Who else? You and I – the children. I’m guessing you already know about the pains during child birth, and I am pretty sure you are aware of that heavy nine month journey. Who says a mother shouldn’t be worshipped? A machine the creator used to fashion out you and I, or what do you think the womb stands for? “Orisha bi iya osi – there is no idol like a mother.” Even fathers dare not to argue that fact. I understand the fact that some people have issues with theirs. Perhaps she bailed on you when you needed her most, or she just doesn’t seem to be as supportive as you wish, but always remember you could have Read more…

Quotes To Note #1 – Hardwork-success


Hi guys, been really busy lately with school exam stuffs and all, hope you all are good. Here are just some carefully selected quotes and thought provoking words on the theme, “hardwork-success” that I believe would help keep you on Read more…

New Year, New Drive


Firstly, I want to thank God for seeing us through last year and making us see the New Year, indeed he is more than worthy.


I set those goals
I made some whole
The rest couldn’t pull through
Certain obstacles fell through
maybe I went adrift
On the course of the ultimate gift
Now the year is all gone
It’s now a new year’s turn
To me it’s coming with a Read more…

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