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Acte Resilience -1


We found ourselves where I thought we have built ourselves for, the lights shined way too brighter than we thought so we could barely notice that we were naked. We were lost in the glitz and glamour of the crowd cheering and hailing at us. I guess we got too excited and our decisions reflected that fit, it was only in a matter of time before our nakedness was revealed to the whole world seated tight on their seats expecting a great show. When I said the whole world I truly meant the whole world.

We started out with the act we knew better, or so I thought. Still lost in careless excitement and sentiments,
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The Old Man From The North


It is not working, I have tried it in thousands of ways beyond comprehension… well may be not exactly a thousand but I am sure you understand what I mean. Today I woke up starng at the ceiling on my room, I had pasted something that read “Keep moving forward” up there, but I could conceive something different and new from my stare this morning and I found myself saying “things would be different” and that would mean that I would step out and not look distance from where I would be standing, preparing for any encounter with anyone to avoid any awkward communication situation. Quite weird right? Or may be really weird. But it’s the truth. These thoughts of hope and an unusual smooth day occurring  kept swirling through my mind till I eventually closed the Read more…

Strength that lies within


Did you know, the strength that lies within ?
Did you notice, the stillness in-between the mayhem?
Did you see, the depths of your words ?
Did you feel, the true Read more…

Orientation, Thoughts and Actions.


Our orientation, our thoughts, our actions… These three bear in them powers or abilities to affect everything we have ever lived for, everything we have ever worked for and everything we have ever achieved. They bear the capabilities of determining the eventual outcome of our efforts made in specific aspects of our lives. Funny enough, these three are inter-twined or rather, they have a sequential connection.
Our orientation entail what we let our lives get involved with, the
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Opposing Reflections


It’s true that I’m not the best at what I do
It’s also true that winners don’t ever give up on what they do,
Truth also has it that I need to struggle for what I want to be
Same truth also has it that nothing really good comes easy,
My world might be full of more downs than ups
But life itself embodies both downs and ups,
I may end up telling
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Ponder on this… #8 – This is the end (Would My Actions Be Enough?)


This is the end
I just had my last vision
It was a face of the unknown
With its weary panicking expression
While I vaulted with pain and confusion

I could feel something strange
My wholeness transcending to
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POEM: I Have Lost Her


I have lost her
My special daughter;
Her hands were like mine
even when she was only nine;
Her heart was peaceful;
Her actions were
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POEM: Today I Cried


Today I cried
But no one could see
My tears dripping down my cheek
My hands wiping them of as they prickle
Again I am stuck in this island of melancholy

Today I broke Mama’s rules
Good thing she wouldn’t notice my eyes
Altering its natural white colour
Something she would never Read more…

Rebuild The Broken Pieces

Seven pebbles pyramid in staggered rows, over white

Kemi’s prior preparation never bargained for such repercussions,
She is in shock of the consequent proceedings
wondering if she had any misgivings,
and taking a look back in time at any shortcomings
but her flashback brought her more bemusement

David is lost in the cloud of disappointment and self pity
After much work on the crucial project
The product was an utter reject
And in his defense he lost more respect
He turns back and is lost in self pity, dejection.

The story is the same for a close friend,
An erudite in her field of study
A little hit on her academic body
Consequentially, left her staying moody
Luckily she is different, she is still strong

The results to all we put into a particular project may turn out not as we had planned, could be business loss, unexpected negative examination results, unprecedented chemical products in the laboratory, inefficiency from the well voted and well acclaimed candidate for a political post, the unfortunate broken relationship and so on.


In all of this, it shouldn’t leave us in complete self dejection and depression, we only need to relax, look at the situation with a calm mind, see areas were we probably have gone wrong, see what we can do at that point that could help lessen the gravity of the situation and if none is found, we could just trace our steps back, pick up the pieces of the broken glass and build them up again into a more beautiful ornament. “The past mishaps are not a yardstick for continuous mishaps”

By Chineke V. Onyedika


POEM: Still, She Is Strong


Still she is strong
Pained from her ordeals and distress
Weakened by the trust broken
But yet strengthened by the word spoken

Still she is strong
Her swindler would be astonished
Wishing he had done more harm
But she turns out Read more…

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