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Change, Inevitable but…


I lay here praying for that big change
But my ways still on the same page;
I’m struggling to lift the filled kegs
With my hands tied to my legs

I long for a different outcome of events
Yet it’s the Read more…


The One Sided Tale


It was this cold Saturday morning; I just had to leave my estate to get a rather unavailable commodity in my area. I had only walked a few metres from my lodge, when I saw the strange looking man who had just pitched his tent along the roadside of my area probably trying to relax, all dressed in a shabby looking grey polo, a brown short and dusty tattered looking foot wears, his hairs were almost reaching extinction due to his baldness and his beards were Read more…

Orientation, Thoughts and Actions.


Our orientation, our thoughts, our actions… These three bear in them powers or abilities to affect everything we have ever lived for, everything we have ever worked for and everything we have ever achieved. They bear the capabilities of determining the eventual outcome of our efforts made in specific aspects of our lives. Funny enough, these three are inter-twined or rather, they have a sequential connection.
Our orientation entail what we let our lives get involved with, the
Read more…

POEM: Obi, Be A Man


Obi is a boy
Ada is a girl
The sun still sets in the west
Morning still comes out first
The Agama still nods its head
A hippo still looks like its well fed

Obi is still a boy
Ada is still a girl
Talk about the evergreen rain forest
And the consistent football Read more…

POEM: Your Actions And The Invalid


Your words form his thoughts;
The good one he soughts;
The bad one just sulks;
the ailment isn’t his fault;
Yet your actions cause his hurt;

Probably you don’t understand;
The pains he Read more…

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