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STORY: That Very Awkward Saturday

Ok it was on this normal weekend, Should be on a saturday yea?. I had done all that was worth, cleaning, washing and yea eating, then i wanted to begin a new activity called Read more…


STORY: It was just at the Park…

It was at the park, that hilarious day, that funny day, that awkward, that, that… *chuckles* I could go on and on describing that day, but let me just cut to the chase.

“Hi” I said , standing and stirring at her pretty face, didnt know where I got the courage from, I just didn’t care, all I knew was that I was finally going to speak with her that day. Waiting for her answer was like waiting for a jackpot to Land, or so I taught as she caught the eye of everyone around. And there it came , that which I had stood for close to 30 seconds for. Yeah 30 seconds, I actually was with a stopwatch that was very very effective.

“Hi, Im janet am 25yrs a Part-Time student, studying Chinese Language, Single Mother of 2 , both from different guys which i am not sure of, I do 3 jobs, 1 in the morning another at night, of course you dont want to know more of that , then I also render home services, i hate music , i believe its a waste of time, mindset and energy, I love creepy movies they make me feel good inside and Yes my children watch too they are beginning to love it, that is my JOY :D, Am single and searching although men are really stupid i believe there is one out there who has a lesser percentage of stupidity, I am wild ,Infact I was in a psychatric home for 3days, I am tough and I have an ex that I visit every weekend at the prison because he still loves me, I am that generous. I hate alcohol, I just prefer beer. I know i am normal , but people say I am weird, Please Do you Know why ?.. Well In the end I dont talk to much I just say the relevant things although people dont believe.. Hmm.. Thats just a bit of me , tell me about yourself ? 😀 ”
Me: :O

U can tell the rest… -_-

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