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Our Deserted Tree


The tree once hard its green lit up

Defined by natures course of proceedings

Rays from the supernova

Carefully caressing its Read more…




Hi guys! Thank you guys for your support thus far. The Nigerian Blog Awards is open again and I would really need you to help keep this ministry moving by nominating Sir Victor’s Blog in three categories deemed fit, I would suggest 2, 12 and 18.

The procedure for nomination is quite simple and straight forward; please follow the link to get started.

You guys have been wonderful and I am sure not to be disappointed from your response this time, simply type in ( with a regular email address and guess what?, you can also tell a friend to do so too! Lol!. Thanks a lot guys and God bless you!


Change, Inevitable but…


I lay here praying for that big change
But my ways still on the same page;
I’m struggling to lift the filled kegs
With my hands tied to my legs

I long for a different outcome of events
Yet it’s the Read more…

My Words – Our Land


All I see are big fat lies,
Seems like not even one is ready
to see me through
these thick dark trials;

All out in white sheep clothings
Again, they stand before me
Professing undying
Read more…

Top Ten Blog Posts Of 2014


It’s been an interestingly busy year, personally and even with the posts on here. Despite my absence for some time due to school work I could not but notice some posts this year that I would say have truly served the purpose of the blog. They drew more hits, comments and likes and I believe we should have them back. If you have read any off them already, do drop by again and if you Read more…

Strength that lies within


Did you know, the strength that lies within ?
Did you notice, the stillness in-between the mayhem?
Did you see, the depths of your words ?
Did you feel, the true Read more…

Christmas Day


The day of the very first appearance of his face
bore laughter into the world
he was to bring us close to that holy place
so joy everlasting was all I hurled

One this day blessing was poured unto every single man
Free gifts unto every Read more…

The One Sided Tale


It was this cold Saturday morning; I just had to leave my estate to get a rather unavailable commodity in my area. I had only walked a few metres from my lodge, when I saw the strange looking man who had just pitched his tent along the roadside of my area probably trying to relax, all dressed in a shabby looking grey polo, a brown short and dusty tattered looking foot wears, his hairs were almost reaching extinction due to his baldness and his beards were Read more…

POEM: I Have Lost Her


I have lost her
My special daughter;
Her hands were like mine
even when she was only nine;
Her heart was peaceful;
Her actions were
Read more…

POEM: No Safe Place For Us Here


There is No safe place here for us
Blasts remain the re-occuring chorus
somedays we seem not to wish for the rising sun

Its been a hundred days without her
And it appears that we are distanced even
Read more…

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