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No much stress was needed…


Let the rain fall heavily
If it’s going to wash away the stains
Let the thunder strike awfully
If it’s going to take away the pains
I just want to be happy.

And then it hit me
Raining cats and dogs wasn’t needed
It was clear to see
No much stress to nature was needed
I found happiness with ease.

Found happiness in my biddings
In God.

Truth be said, we can only be truly happy when there is peace of mind but sadly, peace of mind is something quite hard to come by in a world with its so many trials and tests. So we result in looking for means to ease the stress and make us feel that we are doing our best to make ourselves happy. Digging deep, we found out that some of these things where not worth it in the end, not what the stress, not worth the money and not what the time. But there is still one thing that is always worth doing irrespective of the situation. This one thing most commonly ends up being the last resort of so many ( including me) when it should have been the first. It’s pretty simple.
I found true happiness in my biddings, when they were finally in line with God’s plan for me. There is always that greater plan,1 exceeding some thoughts and imagination and sometimes anxiousness of the future may not let us see. When we starting walking in line with God’s (the greater) plan for us, we begin to understand life better and see a brighter,  better future; a less stressful life, a peaceful life and a happy life.

Yea.. Its been quite a while here again, its just not been so feasible  combining this haven with school and music stuffs, but i still want to try stopping by here as timely as I can. By the way, you can follow me on instagram @sirrvictor I do post some of my short content filled poems there. Bless you guys muchos..


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One thought on “No much stress was needed…

  1. Nice Post. The poem is no doubt inspiring. keep it up Sir Victor.

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