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Acte Resilience -1


We found ourselves where I thought we have built ourselves for, the lights shined way too brighter than we thought so we could barely notice that we were naked. We were lost in the glitz and glamour of the crowd cheering and hailing at us. I guess we got too excited and our decisions reflected that fit, it was only in a matter of time before our nakedness was revealed to the whole world seated tight on their seats expecting a great show. When I said the whole world I truly meant the whole world.

We started out with the act we knew better, or so I thought. Still lost in careless excitement and sentiments,

then and there, we shocked the ever expectant world, cheering and rooting for us. We gave them something to remember and at the same time something to forget. I didn’t really notice much of the mishaps, not until we were done and completely of the spotlight!

***The spotlight, a place where so many crave to get to, but the question is, are you strong and resilient enough to remain there?***

Back to the scenarios, we were done and we began act 2, the final act. At this point redeeming ourselves would have been the best thing to have happened to us, looking left and right, I saw faces that were hungry for success, hungry to impress but then I guess it had to take more than hunger to kill the act 2. Facing forward, I saw and audience, with faces of confusion, disappointment and dismay so I must say.

Few minutes later, we were done, what went wrong? What happened? Questions flew haphazardly from different voice boxes to another. Some were not questions, some were the phrase for what I would call the mediocre success, and “we tried”. Well in the mist of all this, I spent time pondering on the proceedings of the time on the spot light. Then there and then it hit me, “over confidence”, “Pride”, “over excitement” and “misdirection”. Over confidence and pride came in when we felt better than every other act like us, while the latter, where born out of unexplainable neglect on the true purpose of the act.

But hey, we still had to move on, like they say “shit does happens”, we pick up from where we fall and keep building our way back to the top. That’s where we are right now, with our heads up high and our optimism and mindset in the rightful place, we are getting ready to take the whole world by storm. We are called, Acte Resilience and you are officially welcome to our tales, do enjoy the ride.

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