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Whatchu Looking At? – Art Speaks Series


So whatchu looking at?
Haven’t you seen a being like me?
Do I seem different all of a sudden
Coz of the style of my hair
the earings holding tight to my ear
or the way I choose to act

I am only human
I still breath like you do
I still communicate like you do
And my limbs still work like yours do
So really, whatchu looking at?;
Still bemused?

Well unlike yours
My brain chose to function differently
Heart chose to beat for the unlikely
And mindsets on a different realm
Its as simple as that;
So whatchu looking at?

Art Work/Photo credit: Ubiomoogheneroh

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4 thoughts on “Whatchu Looking At? – Art Speaks Series

  1. Dupe on said:

    This guy lookJarule. Jarule

  2. Adeleke Julianah on said:


  3. brian on said:


  4. SIQ..... on said:

    This is just superB ….
    Really.. whaaat they looking at??? i’m way better than what they think of me…. im just an EXTRAORDINARY BEING….. and i guess that’s what they looking at… surprised and amazed…GOOD WORK DIKA…. MORE GREESE TO YA PALMS #GODBLESS

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