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Fresh start


Lets say this is a fresh start,
A beginning of new things
Beginning of different and more passion filled pieces;
Lets call it a fresh start
The start of a different story
Start of you and me (first timers);
Lets presume it’s a fresh start
But lets not forget the good memories
Lets not forget the lessons learned;
Though it’s a fresh start
Lets infuse where we have been
To where we are and where we want to be;
It’s a fresh start
We don’t have to worry of troubles
Troubles from time past;
It’s a fresh start now
It’s a new us
It’s a new beginning
Make that fresh start
And feel that energy
And that hope;
Bursting out from the fresh start
Energy to break leaps and bounds
Hope for a brighter and better future
This is my fresh start.



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5 thoughts on “Fresh start

  1. Welcome back my brother

  2. And here and now, I’m raising my cup to that. Cheers to a fresh start.

  3. Dibia on said:

    Nice write Sire Victor

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  5. Adeleke Julianah on said:

    A New Dawn.
    A New Beginning…

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