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The Old Man From The North


It is not working, I have tried it in thousands of ways beyond comprehension… well may be not exactly a thousand but I am sure you understand what I mean. Today I woke up starng at the ceiling on my room, I had pasted something that read “Keep moving forward” up there, but I could conceive something different and new from my stare this morning and I found myself saying “things would be different” and that would mean that I would step out and not look distance from where I would be standing, preparing for any encounter with anyone to avoid any awkward communication situation. Quite weird right? Or may be really weird. But it’s the truth. These thoughts of hope and an unusual smooth day occurring  kept swirling through my mind till I eventually closed the old rusty black gate supposedly serving as a security for my house, and made my first step into the real world.
With a new top and new pair of shoes expecting a new show, I just kept on with the belief that things were going to be different. But guess what? Everything felt pretty much the same. Everything was still the same. That time I think I was looking ten times far from where I was, the reality grew more physical at every step I took towards my destination, at every turn, every stare, it all looked the same or probably even worse. Dwelling in my nervousness I was about boarding this bike and the price seemed twice as much it was the past week, the okada man as fondly referred to by the Nigerian majority had tried to play on my timidity, wasn’t surprised though but good thing I was spontaneously able to set my mind in a position where I saw him as one that I could easily punch in the face with my words without any atom of fear or care. The old man from the north had no other choice but to slash the price to its original.

My mindset worked well there, I placed this cyclist at an area where I could be free, with my thoughts and with my speech. I was able to fight what was holding me back the moment I stepped out of my compound. It was all about my mindset. That day ended up being very much different like I hoped, well I wouldn’t say I tried to belittle everybody I had a conversation with, let’s just say I placed them in my mind in such a way that I was talking to the old man from the north and I guess things gradually flowed.
Crazy analogy right? But the “Truth is the truth” no matter how you want to twist it. Most times it is about our mindset which if we do not control, we will be pawns to the negativity of using the phrase “I can’t” and the more we say we can’t? The more life compresses us all up in tight choking cans. You can do that thing, you can achieve that result. I believe we just need to Change the mindset, be fearless and see that huge mountain as the old man from the north, curled from my short tale…
Love God, Love Life…


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5 thoughts on “The Old Man From The North

  1. I can absolutely relate to this, it speaks to me. It’s always all about us and our psyche. Nice, nice.

  2. EKE IFEANYI DANIEL on said:

    when you are writing….. pls make good use of your stream of consciousness with deeper imagery. i think it will help

  3. Adeleke Julianah on said:

    Well related to SirVic!
    Been missing your write-ups!
    Where have you been?
    Keep it coming please…

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