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Our Deserted Tree


The tree once hard its green lit up

Defined by natures course of proceedings

Rays from the supernova

Carefully caressing its leaves all over

And its beauty had shown wholesomely

In the years it fared obediently;

Years passed and caring hands changed

And today, its radiance fades at every tick of the second hand,

The rays still present

But the perfect reaction seems absent

The usual proceedings appearing in farce

The leaves are withering off

The stems weakens like it was formed so

Of course no fruit emerges

Its beauty is laid up

And with no rescue mission

It’s all will be down the narrow road

To be used as the old woman’s culinary fuel


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3 thoughts on “Our Deserted Tree

  1. Adeleke Julianah on said:

    Wow!!!!!!!! Intriguing piece!
    Exquisite! I so love this!

  2. okay this is exceptional. hats-off.
    you’re really good with words.
    much love, George

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