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SVB reader writes: I am Too scared to take control…


An SVB reader got in touch with me after reading one of my posts, Change, Inevitable but…, the following was the message or what I would call a plea for assistance where necessary. Please do share your thoughts for positivity’s sake after the read as it would be much needed.

“I live a life of fear. Each day I say to myself, I’m not going to be afraid and am going to do something but then

still afraid. Too scared for nothing. No motivation to keep me going, Is this how I’m going to live my life? I doubt that. It’s going to change I know it.
The situation I find myself in is a difficult one to change though. Too weak and too scared to take control over it and no one seems to be helping. I just hope it all gets better even though it seems like it is, but it is not in anyway. All I seek for is “peace of mind” where I don’t have to think of anything harsh. That time is still far away, because right now it’s not happening and I’m about losing my mind. Thinking that it will get better as the day goes by, it’s worse and even more difficult. My heart gets heavier and saddened knowing there is nothing I can do. If there is please can you tell me, because I’m in a distress even if you don’t see it I need this story to change. All this story to change but that change seems so far away… What can I do?”

Kindly share your thoughts.



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6 thoughts on “SVB reader writes: I am Too scared to take control…

  1. Hi, Its a bit unclear what the real problem is but generally I would say what ever the problem is not bigger than your capabilities because I believe God has given us enough strength to go through any situation, Just cling to him and see how he helps you through this. I hope this helps bless you.

  2. Life comes with its ups and downs… It cant always be all rosy, just keep being strong.

  3. Kindly contact me Victor through whatsapp or BBM. I want to contact this fellow. Thanks

  4. Adeleke Julianah on said:


  5. Adebayo on said:

    Life is what we make of it and regardless of what we feel or how we feel we to a large extent determine what becomes of us.
    Fear is our greatest enemy. When allow fear we are caged, when we are caged we can’t reach our potentials, when we don’t reach our potentials we become failures, when we become failures we don’t get fulfilled.
    What then is the essence of our lives when we are unfulfilled?
    We have been created to be the best, to be exceptional, to be outstanding. No wonder God created us in His image and likeness.
    All I want to say is what ever life throws at us only makes us stronger and better as long as we are ready and willing to take up the challenge and confront whatever stares us in the face and dares our resolve.
    You must not give up on yourself for whatever reason. Rather arm yourself with reasons why you must live a life of fulfillment powered by determination and not desperation, oiled by faith and not luck and backed by prayers and not complaints.
    Take charge and forge ahead with these in mind and you’ll be surprised at how car you can go and achieve.

  6. Thanks a lot guys… Really appreciate your comments

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