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The One Sided Tale


It was this cold Saturday morning; I just had to leave my estate to get a rather unavailable commodity in my area. I had only walked a few metres from my lodge, when I saw the strange looking man who had just pitched his tent along the roadside of my area probably trying to relax, all dressed in a shabby looking grey polo, a brown short and dusty tattered looking foot wears, his hairs were almost reaching extinction due to his baldness and his beards were so off I would have sworn they were results of weeks in the jungle, he acted quite sane though, irrespective of the abysmal sorry state reflecting from all around him. His presence at the left wing in front of the gate securing my estate, repelled most of the pedestrians from taking that route, they all had bought into the fact that he was definitely a deranged man, who was probably looking for the next human to harass. In most peoples’ mind he was a mad man, onye ara, as the Igbos would call him.

They cared less about his true story, and what would have brought him into his sorry state and also into the position he found himself in, what if he was lost and he just needed a place to rest his head, what if he was just a mere mortal probably going through some difficulties and just needed a simple hand, but unfortunately, the people he would have called fellow humans had already made up their own selfish story about him, to them he was mad. Unfortunately, I had bought into some parts of the wavering story, I did not think that there was a possibility that something good would ever come out from this man, I never thought of the fact that this man still had two able hands like a normal human, never thought that he could still undergo locomotion like every other being could. To me he was a helpless person; I had selfishly defined this probably innocent man while I walked past him. I deprived him off hope.

“He is but only a human like you, his name is Mr. Fola, he is currently working on a multi million naira construction process across the street, and he is actually one of the supervisors there and he just had to get his hands on too much work today, he is well educated and has a degree in building, he is married and has three children and I am one of them”, his son who was heading to meet him at his relaxation point quickly fed these words into my ears. I guess he noticed my sorry despicable look at his Dad; I just couldn’t explain how I felt after that when he finally left me for his Dad.
I had just fallen serious victim to the “single story”, I had pinned Mr. Fola down into an act that had no hope, mean while he had even more than enough. I subjected him into a kind of life that I would probably not want to get acquainted with, whereas, he most likely would have turned out to be someone of greater importance to me and my life goals. I missed it big time.

“Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in” – Isaac Asimov

Death to the “one sided tale”, it most times rubs us off from the very much needed and interesting “true story”.

Let us search for more than we presume about people or things. There could be more to what bits the eyes, there is a reason for every step they take.

“You cannot judge any man beyond your knowledge of him, and how small is your knowledge” – Kahlil Gibran

Chineke Victor
@sirrvitor @sirvictorsblog_

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9 thoughts on “The One Sided Tale

  1. Adeleke Julianah on said:

    Hmmm…I can’t but agree with you on this one. Many a time, we judge people wrongly, due to their appearance, or the situation surrounding them. What’s more annoying is we the so called Christians who have read the Holy Book telling us to judge not, yet we judge. Many times we’ve lost good opportunities that would’ve turn our lives around. Thanks for this wonderful insight Sir Vic, it’s impressive…

  2. Shadrack on said:

    Saying no to single story. Point noted bruv.

  3. stanley chris on said:

    ”You cannot judge any man beyond your knowledge of him”….Got that stucked up in ma memory

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  5. Ayodelemi on said:

    Nice sir Victor

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