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Orientation, Thoughts and Actions.


Our orientation, our thoughts, our actions… These three bear in them powers or abilities to affect everything we have ever lived for, everything we have ever worked for and everything we have ever achieved. They bear the capabilities of determining the eventual outcome of our efforts made in specific aspects of our lives. Funny enough, these three are inter-twined or rather, they have a sequential connection.
Our orientation entail what we let our lives get involved with, the

kind of songs we listen too, the kind of movies we see, the kind of friends we possess, the kind of fashion sense we portray, the kind of religious belief we have and a whole lot of other personal decisions we let ourselves to make. At this first stage of the sequence, we have greater flexibility in determining whether our life efforts would be affected negatively or positively. Taking friends as a case study, a friend rightly defined as a person other than a family member, spouse or lover whose company one enjoys and towards whom one feels affection. It is also seen as a person who backs or supports something.               
Looking at these two definitions we can say that friendship involves “companionship” and “support”, a good companion begets the right support and then a bad companion instigates the negative support, some still want to believe that they can be acquainted with the latter and still have their normal innocent looking lives, but like the wise one would say, you can’t wish for the mango tree to produce orange fruits, unless of course you are in dreamland, well that’s on a lighter note. The kind of friends we keep molds us, they tend to want to define the things that we allow into our head, this is because we are around them most of the time and it’s a fact that one cannot live a friendship pretence for so long, so definitely the friends we move with tend to say what we feel we want to hear. I use the word feel, because sometimes we are not really sure of what we want to hear from people close to us, this uncertainty is what majorly results in us having the wrong friends. At some points in our lives, we are not completely sure of what we want due to some reasons unique to our individual cases and in such situations it would most likely take some form of needed wisdom to decipher what we want to hear and consequently the right people we make as our friends.
Now what is the connection between the friends we keep to our thoughts.  As other aspects of our orientation such as, music, religious belief, fashion sense, etc affect the way we think so do the friends we keep. As earlier stated, our friends tend to feed us with what we want to hear and only what we absorb into our minds is what we ponder on, or rather think about. This thus forms a basis for the sequential connection between our orientation and our thoughts.

“Being alone is better than being with someone bad” – Egyptian Arabic proverb.

Our thoughts entail what goes through our minds, what we perceive about certain issues we find ourselves acquainted with. At this stage however it becomes a little less flexible as to what was stated at the point of our orientation.  What we hear, what we expose ourselves to takes major parts of our thoughts; this sequentially affects our actions, and if our thoughts are not made right, then our actions suffers.  Whether subconsciously or not, we should note that our thoughts play a vital role in the actions we take. Positive thoughts beget positive actions and vice-versa. One cannot be a habitual pessimist and still produce perfect results, some faults are imminent.


“We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking”—Santosh Kalwar

The last lap, our actions, the process of doing something in order to achieve a purpose. In this context it entails not only what we do (practicalize) but also what we say. At this last lap its rather very difficult to say we want to change how we want to affect our lives effort, as our actions is born out of a foundation of our orientation and our thoughts, it’s just like having the desire to change the design of a house already build to a rather appreciable level, its sure going to require a lot. This is the point where we bring to reality what we have harboured right from the start, and especially what we have allowed to run through our minds. Here we make certain decisions, and it is a fact that , every situation we find ourselves in life , is born out of certain decisions we have made in the past, thus showing the magnitude of the power of our actions. In the context of what we say, our tongue is a tool that could make or seriously mar us so having a well structured mind will ensure for the words leaving our mouth to prevent the latter from happening.

This write was actually inspired by a personal observation on certain individuals, individuals who have real prospects of having a comfortable and very influential end but are currently been derailed by what I would call their orientation, I sure hope there is a re-think after this and I hope it serves its purpose. Our orientation feeds our thoughts, our thoughts feeds our actions and our actions feed what affects our lives.

–Chineke Victor

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3 thoughts on “Orientation, Thoughts and Actions.

  1. Adeleke Julianah on said:

    Now that’s hitting the Bull right in the centre of the eye! Our thoughts, our environment, the kind of family and relative we have, the kind of friends we have , the kind of people that surround us, our society, all have a very important role to play in the kind of persons we become. Knowledge they say, is power. But if we do not acquire the right kind, it’s detrimental to our self/being. And if not well oriented, then, there’s trouble. Wonderful Observation SirVic, permission to share sir…

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