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Gracias..Thank You…Merci…


**Sips drink**

2013 has been really interesting, great, challenging and unique and creating this blog was like an added spice to it. Therefore, I want to specially appreciate every one that has helped me to grow Sir Victor’s Blog, which just started some few months ago.

Firstly, Special thanks to God almighty for my life , seriously He has been wonderful this year. I thank him for the gift to write, his inspirations(Sings Twale by Flo). For the people you made me come across while at this I say thank You and for every other thing he has done concerning this.

Special shoutout to @unigidigist and also @thatsureboy, though you may not really know, but I first got the Idea of creating the blog after some kind of talks with you guys.

Thanks to Everyone that has been feeding for the blog on a regular basis , special shout out to @dikamicheals @thatsureboy @iflo26 @newnaija @oscarpoems etc, I really appreciate your support so far.


Then for the comments and feedbacks. Shout out to @newnaija, your comments always drive me to continue with this and to become much better in it. @iamoabraham, @jamesmelbin, @leelawa27 your comments are very much appreciated @philipamiola @iammr_president @drickz_igwe @his_beloved8 @iflo26, Andrew , @me_ablad , @carlfmuelbeck @isaacsogo , Tessagoghor , Kendall,
@oscarpoems @damstylee @sheriff_amoo, Tony, @diyugress, Chief Gomez and so on(sorry if i did not mention you) I really appreciate your efforts to creating time to drop your comments, thanks Much.

Also special shoutout to blogs I admire and have always been worth visiting.
Peace Itimi’s Blog
Newnaija’s blog
James Melbin’s Blog
Oscar poems
Crazylovepoem’s blog
The happy place
( and many others you guys inspire me thanks for sharing your writes with all of us..

And to every other person, for your views, likes, retweets and shares I say thank you. Wish you all a very prosperous and blessed New year!!!. By God’s grace we still keep this running. Gracias :).


kindly share your thoughts on this..


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16 thoughts on “Gracias..Thank You…Merci…

  1. Boss, I am honoured to be mentioned in glorious light like this. Thanks, I see you growing in leaps and bound in this coming year.

  2. Bless you for this sir.
    Really honoured to have been mentioned. Thank you too.

  3. Thanks for the mention.

  4. I’m truly honoured. More ink to your pen to put all those inspiring thoughts into words. The sky will be your point of view&not your limit. Greater things are ahead. Happy new year!

  5. Thanks for the good words, thanks for writing, thanks for sharing and thanks for mentioning me with wonderful people. You make me feel important. It’ll only get better this year.
    Bless up

  6. Awww, you mentioned me and my blog! *blushing*. Tnx bro. More grace!

  7. @iamMr_President on said:

    Am honoured Sir! (but its @iamMr_President nt @immr_president) buh tanks all the same am very Honoured!

  8. andrew on said:

    i see my so many arghhh’s made u to mention me. However i am honored to be mentioned. Thank you and keep d good work going.

  9. Amazing editorial! Absolutely informative.

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